TL;DR I made some neat 3d printed cases for my Kingston A400!

I use cheap SATA SSDs as portable storage, since they are cheap and have amazing speed, plus you don't have to worry about moving parts!

Most SATA SSDs nowadays are very small but still have huge shells for mounting, so I made new shells! When they were done, I thought they looked like retro cartridges, so I designed some stickers to go with them!

BTW: Don't buy a Kingston A400, those die way too easily and randomly (there's been a whole Phison controller fiasco lately). Get a Crucial BX500, it costs a bit more (33€ instead of 29€ for the 480GB model here), the BX500 has better speeds (~450MBps vs 300MBps) and will last you a lot more.

Plus, it's smaller inside, so you can design an even smaller case!

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