Reworked the vehicle system, now it feels much better, and rails are keeping you from jumping around. Though the snapping is a bit weird at times

Working on menus, added idle camera that pans around the map when not spawned in, WFH-style!

I always found it amazing how small LEDs can be. WS2018b look small already, but then you get close and find how small the real pieces and.. wow!

Trying to mix vehicle-like controls with TPS. Finetuning all the physics bit is both fun and incredibly frustrating 😞

Playing with panorama stiching on static subjects for fun! I still have many quirks to figure out (bad tripod doesn't help) but I'm happy of these early results!

To library developers: I love your hip package names but please go for nonexistant names, developing a Rust+Rocket+Diesel application is getting pretty confusing!

TL;DR I made some neat 3d printed cases for my Kingston A400!

I use cheap SATA SSDs as portable storage, since they are cheap and have amazing speed, plus you don't have to worry about moving parts!

Most SATA SSDs nowadays are very small but still have huge shells for mounting, so I made new shells! When they were done, I thought they looked like retro cartridges, so I designed some stickers to go with them!

Been playing SRB2 Kart lately and I love it, if you like your Mario Kart clones with extra chaos, you should give this Doom-based game a try!
(Attached pics are from the thread)

Got a new messenger bag, was afraid that good ol' Eastpak Delegates weren't good enough for me anymore, boy was I wrong! Check that capacity!

Minimum focusing distance is just 1 meter? I guess I'm gonna shoot tons of closeups now

I got the nifty fifty from 1973 for my camera and I can't stop taking pics with absurd amounts of bokeh!
Crazy how much of a good lens you can get for so little money (I paid 22 eur)!

(。O ω O。)

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