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Samsung researchers have released a model that can generate faces in new poses from just a single image/frame (for each of face, pose). Done by building a well-trained landmark model in advance & one-shotting from that.

This gif is my favourite...

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In 2002, the US government spent $250,000,000 running a simulation to determine who would win in a war between the US and probably-Iran. Probably-Iran kicked their asses, so they re-ran the simulation and cheated so the US would win.

250 million dollars.

I got the nifty fifty from 1973 for my camera and I can't stop taking pics with absurd amounts of bokeh!
Crazy how much of a good lens you can get for so little money (I paid 22 eur)!

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Intel's OpenImageDenoise, an open source denoising library (currently CPU based?) is out!

Kinda tempted to try it out on my toy path tracer :)

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Let's give this another try, shall we?
Hello! On this account I will post updates on an unnamed card game simulator for the My Little Pony collectible card game. Working name is "MCG" (MLP Card Game).
Source code for the game, server and tools can be found here:

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