Been designing icons for the different phases, what do you think?

Do you like Yu-Gi-Oh? Well me neither, but I did like that their games have the card count of each pile visible, so I added it as well! This will make your mill game much easier.. if only mill was viable at all in this game 😔

I tried to emulate the MTG:A hand as I personally like it a lot, the algorithm is still a bit half-assed, but it seems to work quite fine for non-ridicolous hands. Biggest issue is the lack of a lower/upper bounds for the card rotations at the edge, but it should be easy to fix later. I wanted to make the card "space away" when dragging them inside the hand, but I found it harder than expected. That said, I'm quite satisfied with how it looks right now!

Since the game is meant to be web-based, resources will be lazy-loaded, where possible. Right now this is made as soon as the cards are instanced (with a silly placeholder) but in the future the images probably will be fetched before the match even starts. This does pose an issue for competitive matches (you can sniff the traffic and know the opponent's deck) so I'm not yet totally sold on that idea.

Let's give this another try, shall we?
Hello! On this account I will post updates on an unnamed card game simulator for the My Little Pony collectible card game. Working name is "MCG" (MLP Card Game).
Source code for the game, server and tools can be found here:

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